About Kimberley

Kimberley Tait was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and moved to the U.S. to attend Dartmouth College, where she was an English and Government double major and wrote an Honors Thesis on life as a staged performance in the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Kimberley earned an MBA from Columbia Business School, where she co-led the re-write and launch of the school’s MBA Honor Code in 2007, and has worked at investment banks in New York and London. She continues to work with financial services and investment firms as a writer and marketing strategist. A Canadian, American, and Swiss citizen, Kimberley lives in London with her husband. Fake Plastic Love is her debut novel.

Kimberley’s great loves include:

Nostalgia, all things alpine, long-distance running, Romance with a Capital R, corresponding by paper, sharpened no. 2 pencils, superheroes, symmetry, second chances, stamp collecting, impeccable punctuation (with a particular fondness for the dash), Campari cocktails, battered paperbacks, bears, bons vivants, brouhahas, gentlemanly conduct, going sockless, and giving everything the old College try.