“With sweeping nods to Fitzgerald and other writers of the Gilded Age, Tait’s debut novel sparkles with vitality and conscienceFluid, graceful, and unfaltering prose highlights this remarkable novel; relatable characters and themes complete the package.”

Publishers Weekly

“Beautiful…Insightful… Fans of Gatsby will surely enjoy Fake Plastic Love, but Tait puts a new spin on an old story that will still leave readers feeling surprised with each page they turn.”

The Dartmouth

With lively, illustrative tones reminiscent of yesterday’s writers, Kimberley Tait captures the pain and beauty of post-college life as her colorful, ambitious 20-something characters test their terrifying new adulthood and find their place in today’s world. This book is dreamy, factual, sad, and funny. It’s a dose of unsweetened cranberry juice, a reminder of the world’s conflicting, beautiful, and heartbreaking messages.”

Maureen Sherry, author of Opening Belle

“Kimberley Tait spins a keen, exuberant, unexpected story of friendship and ambition among the newly minted, and can she write. Fake Plastic Love is packed with those telling details, those neat twists, those perfect turns of phrase that keep you gasping right through to the end. So bright, so authentic. I loved it.

Beatriz Williams, New York Times bestselling author of A Hundred Summers and A Certain Age

“Kimberley Tait’s debut novel is a funny, big-hearted peek inside our new gilded age. She nails the details of modern-day Wall Street, capturing the glamour, the cutthroat competition, and, ultimately, the futility of putting money first.”

Kevin Roose, New York Times bestselling author of Young Money

“Kimberley Tait’s debut is a terrific New York book―it’s stylish and substantive, old-fashioned and entirely modern. Her writing brims with wit and whimsy. A summer read to be savored!”

Cristina Alger, author of The Darlings

“The market has already crashed, the economy has contracted, but ‘Where there is hope,’ as Kimberley Tait’s recently graduated narrator says, ‘there is opportunity to be carved out.’ Like The Great Gatsby and Bright Lights, Big City, Fake Plastic Love examines one innocent’s unsentimental education with great energy and panache.”

Stewart O’Nan, author of West of Sunset

A captivating mix of eras (Cole Porter meets Lenny)…Writing with verve, confidence, and no shortage of wit in her sparkling debut, Kimberley Tait uses the relationship between two very different young women as the intriguing centerpiece of a timeless story that manages to entertain even as it vivifies the certain perils of performing your life rather than living it.”

Elizabeth Kelly, author of The Last Summer of the Camperdowns